Spring Cleaning? Here’s How You Can Make a Fortune

Ready for some spring cleaning? Decluttering your house should be the activity of all seasons. Sometimes it’s hard to roll up your sleeves, do some extra dusting, and clean out all the extra junk. But believe it or not, this activity comes with a big financial reward. Why? Because your junk can be another man’s gold! The secret is in organizing a successful garage sale. Though the task may sound daunting, you’ll find it surprisingly easy if it’s done the right way. We’ll give you a couple of useful tips to help get you started.

Timing is Money

Making your garage sale happen at the right time is the key to its success. Your potential customers will only be available to spend at certain times. So it’s important to make all the arrangements correctly. Hence, here a couple of helpful suggestions:

  • Do It Early: People don’t like crowds, especially when overcrowding is being discouraged for health reasons. Therefore, arrange for your garage sale to take place early in the day (perhaps at 8 am in the morning or earlier). Many potential buyers will want to avoid the afternoon rush.
  • Do It on the Weekend: You don’t want to waste your time having a sale while people are working. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be the most profitable days for you.
  • Do It on the First Week: Get those customers while they’re happy having their paychecks. Fresh cash from just getting paid at the beginning of the month means they’ll be willing to spend more. It’s up to you to ensure that their cash becomes yours!
  • Do It During the Summer Season: When the weather’s nice outside, people like to go out. You don’t want them going anywhere! You want them to come to your place. It might be a good idea to offer them some free lemonade on the way in.

Organizing Your Inventory 

It’s sometimes difficult to get rid of things that you have an emotional attachment to. Yet, you’ll discover that it’s well worth it when your house is clean and you have some extra cash. While cleaning up your basement or attic, put the things you want to sell in labeled boxes. Then, write a comprehensive list of everything you have collected. This will be important so that you can keep track of your earnings and inventory.

Follow the Law

Before doing anything, make sure that all the activities that you are planning are in full compliance with the law. In some states, there are laws for making public announcements and organizing events. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you are following all the rules and you have sufficient permission for all your activities.

Spread the Word 

Why not get a little creative? Use your artistic skills to design a catchy announcement. It should include the event’s time, day, and location. Of course, you should also mention that you will be serving refreshments (if you plan to do so). It would be a good idea to include a small map for people who might have difficulty finding your house. Additionally, make use of social media and other internet platforms/forums. Recruit your friends to spread the word about the event. Shares and hashtags could be your best weapon!

Let the Sales Begin! 

If you’ve got everything done, then you’re ready to roll! Have your merchandise spread out and arranged in an organized manner. Label every item with its name and price.

Today you’ll need to put your customer service skills to their best use. Welcome the visitors as they arrive and respond to their questions in an informative manner. For damaged products, be flexible about offering them a markdown on the price. Don’t risk losing a sale just because you don’t want to lower prices. In the end, if you’re not gaining much money, at least you’re gaining space at home.