Looking to Sell Your House? Do These 4 Things

Tough times sometimes call for radical measures. With the economy struggling to recover, there comes a time when you may have to liquidate your assets. Even though you might be “cutting your losses”, you should always try to come out as the winner.

Putting your house on the market for sale is a complex art. If your house is in need of some TLC to get it presentable, there are some projects that are truly worth your money. Avoid the disappointment of wasting your funds on useless renovations. Come and learn about home improvements that will truly make a difference in selling your house.

Going Color Crazy! 

Time to start with the basics. You want a resale value that is really worth it? Changing the color scheme can really make a difference, according to real estate experts. If you’ve got walls full of stains, smudges, drawings, and scratches, then you’re not getting anything from the buyer’s wallet! But that’s nothing that a new coat of paint can’t fix! Generally, it’s better that you stick to neutral colors when you start painting. Be sure to take a piece of material or a picture of the room that you plan to paint to choose the color that you want.

Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets 

There’s no need to install new countertops, appliances, or new flooring/wall tiles! All you need to do to improve the value of your property is refinish your kitchen cabinetry. Hence, it’s best that you don’t get yourself involved in projects that’ll waste money over nothing. Real estate experts have found that most expensive kitchen renovation projects have usually done little to nothing to enhance property values.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

You’re not going to get that money if you’re not willing to do some manual labor. This is where your green thumb will come in handy! Learn to make your garden more presentable to prospective buyers. It’s your house’s first chance to impress its next owner. Therefore, make your garden an ornate display of botanical beauty. Never underestimate the power that your lawn may have on the buyer’s eyes!

Yet, there’s no reason to get carried away. What you should be doing is basic maintenance and planting. The work should be very cosmetic. There’s no need to hire a landscaping company to do all types of things to your lawn. You’ll spend more than you really need! Keep it simple and keep it presentable.

Substitute Your Fluorescent Bulbs with LED Lights

Lighting plays a big role in creating an attractive look for your home space. It can give all types of impressions of your house when it hits the colors on the wall. Sometimes fluorescent lights, though energy-efficient, can completely ruin the look that you wanted to create. With advances in LED lighting, there’s no need for concern about that anymore. LEDs can give you that warm lighting effect that it really needs to make your interior space look its best. If the looks are good, then that’ll add a lot of zeros to the profit you’ll make from the sale.

Before you start working on this, it’s important that you understand how to stay safe while replacing all your bulbs. First, turn off the electricity going to a certain light fixture by using the circuit breaker. Once you’ve shut the electric current from reaching the fixture, then it’s safe to replace your bulb. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way by simply switching off the light and assuming it’s safe to work. If you come across any problem with the electrical system that is too complex, leave it to the pros!